I am delighted that you have chosen a few moments to view this website. The theme is fine art nature photography, with a emphasis on close-up and macro views. The various collections of graphics or GALLERIES will be found by clicking on "My Photographs" in the top banner, then selecting "All My Photos". Click the icon on your GALLERY of choice to see an overview of the collection. A GALLERY is best viewed by selecting the "Slideshow" option on the upper right corner to see the photos in sequence.

The more I work in this field, the more I find myself drawn to images that are not overly complex. Simple is good. I strive to create a sense of tranquility with minimal elements. Most of my recent work is assuming an almost Zen-like feel, allowing one to reflect on the beauty and elegance of nature without distractions.

I hope that you enjoy viewing the images as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Mike Gabridge

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Many of these images (and more) are now available for purchase in a new format - Cubic Collages. Go to www.ETSY.com and enter CubicCollages in the search window (all one word, and plural). That is the name of my new workshop in ETSY, a site devoted to handcrafted artwork. Enjoy! These 4 inch cubes with 5 original images can be purchased at $33 each.

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